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Title Page & Dedication


First Baptist Church owes a great debt to those who, through the years, have made contributions, great and small. The Charter Members are among those whose high commitment gave birth to Springfield Baptist Church. Each of them has a worthy story to tell. It is to these visionaries we dedicate this “Founding History of First Baptist Church of Springfield.”

We honor them on this day, July 25, 2004, the 50th Anniversary of our church.

Herbert Adams
Beverly J. Ammons
Sterling L. Ammons
Mrs. Bessie F. Austin
Mrs. Ruth E. Austin
James Austin
Mrs. Harold Austin
Harold Austin
Margaret Blitch
J. W. Blitch
Mrs. Lula Brody
Edward George Belshan
Mrs. Lillian Browning
Millard C. Carr
Mrs. June Carr
Mrs. Bessie Clevenger
David A. Clevenger
Mrs. James Crupper
James Crupper
Hubert A. Clarke, Jr.
Helen L. Melton Clarke
Hugh Darnell
Mrs. Lucille Darnell
Wilbur G. Dial
Mrs. Raymond Fox (Ena Mae)
Raymond Fox
Iona R. Holadia
W. G. Holadia
James Leslie Hepler
Maud Hepler
Leslie Jackson Hepler
Roberta Hepler
Carolyn Hepler
Caroly White Hirst
Betty Jeanne Humphries
Wm. Allison Jones
Mrs. Wm. Allison Jones (Mary)
Lee Kendrick
Katherine E. Kendrick
Kay Kendrick
Lynne Kendrick
Gale Lumpkin
Mrs. H. Gale Lumpkin
Winfred H. Marsh
Mrs. Louise Marsh
Henry D. Martin
Mrs. Henry D. Martin (Margaret)
Alba Moore
Mrs. Alba E. Moore
Mrs. Iora Melton
Henry G. Moffett
Anne E. Moffett
Fred McDonald
Mrs. Fred McDonald (Mabel)
T. P. McCullough
Mrs. T. P. McCullough
Gene McCullough
Mrs. Grace McGee
Claude A. McGee
Viola Morris
Mary B. Nelson
Chris Nelson
Mrs. Ruth Novy
Barbara Novy
Mrs. Ruth Payne
Joseph E. Payne
Mrs. B. W. Rubinowitz
Arthur Rubinowitz
Irvin W. Stanton
Pauline Stanton
Mrs. Shirley F. Stephen
Francis L. Stephen
Catherine Scherer
Mrs. Mildred E. Swift
Gilbert F. Swift, Jr.
Lendell E. Steele
Mrs. Rowena M. Steele
Charles R. Spindle
Mrs. Charles R. Spindle
G. H. Thompson
Mrs. G. H. Thompson
Mrs. Helen Thompson
Mrs. Mary Trumpower
Ernest Wesley Trumpower
Nellie Trumpower
Mrs. Edith A. West
James E. West
Mrs. Elvin Westman
Elvin Westman
Mrs. Clifton Wheeler
Mrs. James A. Whitt
James A Whitt
Norman Williams
Mrs. Norman Williams (Nell)


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