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The Fifties

A Cooperative Venture

The Baptists of Virginia responded to the rapid growth of Northern Virginia and emerging new communities, such as Springfield. The Committee on Churches of the newly formed (1952) Mount Vernon Baptist Association took over the planning being done by a similar committee of the Potomac Baptist Association.

In early 1951, Virginia Baptist Executive James R. Bryant, arranged a meeting to help locate a site for a new Baptist church in Springfield. Those attending the Meeting were Mr. Bryant; Rev. Joseph R. Cosby, Chairman of the Missions Committee of the Virginia Baptist Board of Missions and Education; Rev. W. Barker Hardison, Moderator of Potomac Baptist Association; Rev. William J. Cumbie, Pastor of Annandale Baptist Church; and Mr. W.S. Hoge Jr., a realtor and a prominent Baptist leader of Columbia Baptist Church and associate of Edward R. Carr. Hardison and Cumbie recommended a five-acre site with a house on it. Mr. Hoge recommended a pre-planned site at the corner of Monticello Boulevard and Gary Street. Monticello Boulevard was planned for a relocated VA 644, but the plan was never implemented by the Virginia Highway authorities. Mr. Hoge's recommendation was chosen by the Board, and the site for the new church was set.

Getting Underway

There are three essentials when a new church is begun: people, a place and a preacher. The people were all around. They were moving into new homes in Springfield in droves. A few newly arrived Baptists in Springfield had begun to worship at the Annandale Baptist Church. Other Baptists who had moved to Springfield from nearby Northern Virginia areas continued traveling back to their churches.

Springfield residents realized a need for a local Baptist church. With the participation of Baptist families from the area, a Planning Meeting was held at Annandale Church.

An advertisement, placed in the December 1, 1953 Springfield Independent by Raymond Fox, announced a meeting on Wednesday, December 10, 1953. In response to this ad, Glenn and Earline Moffett, Mary Jones, Fred MacDonald, Bedford Blitch, and Shirley Stephen attended the meeting, along with Raymond and Ena Mae Fox.

Mr. Luther Barden, a Layman of Beulah Baptist; Rev. William J. Cumbie, Pastor of Annandale Baptist Church; and Floyd Harris, Chairman of the Missions Committee of Annandale Baptist Church attended the meeting as well. The meeting was held at Annandale Baptist Church.

The First Meeting Place – 15 Oriole Avenue

On February 28, 1954, with the help of a youth group from Del Ray Baptist Church, the first public worship service was held in the living room of the Oriole Avenue house. The message was brought by one of the Del Ray group, Jack Crickenberger. Shirley Crickenberger sang a solo, and Earline Moffett played the piano given by her mother. There were twenty-one present and the offering for that Sunday totaled $78.35.     top


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