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Deacon Ministry

Our deacons take servant ministry seriously.  Our Deacon Council is not an administrative body within the church, but rather a body organized for ministry to the needs of the congregation.


Our Deacon Council uses a team ministry approach, and if you have a ministry need, please allow the Deacon Ministry Teams to respond.  Simply call the church office, and the appropriate Ministry Team will be notified.


The Ministry Teams are:


Guest Outreach Team


Mission: Make contacts and visits with those who have been guests in worship and Sunday School. Extend a warm welcome to church guests and provide a packet of church information; informing them of church programs, answering questions, and obtaining additional information about the guests for follow-up by other church programs. Leave name and phone number with the guest in case additional questions or needs arise.  


New Member Team


This team makes visits to new members, delivers member information, explains the mission, purpose, and vision of the church, and helps to facilitate the process of assimilation of new members into the life of the church.  


Hospital Team  


This team visits members in the hospital, particularly where there is an extended stay, and gives attention to a person’s needs during a period of convalescence. 


Bereavement Team


This team ministers in various ways to members during a time of bereavement.  


Emergent Needs Team 


This team coordinates the annual Deacon Christmas Banquet for Widows/Widowers/Senior Singles.  This team also helps to coordinate a response to meet the needs of the congregation (moving help, small jobs around the house, mechanical assistance, meals, transportation, etc.) where a few people lending a hand can make a meaningful contribution. 


Prayer and Encouragement Team


This team coordinates various prayer ministries and makes contacts to share encouragement and celebration with those who have experienced certain joyous times such as births, weddings, graduations, promotions, awards, and special accomplishments.  


Equipping Team


This team provides leadership and guidance to help equip the deacons to serve effectively in their servant ministries as a deacon.


Home Ministry Team


This team maintains contact with members who are unable to attend church services regularly or to be involved in the activities of the church. 


Deacon Prayer Chain


The Deacon Council is also organized as a prayer chain to pray for special needs and concerns of members of the congregation.  If you wish to activate the prayer chain, please call the church office or a staff minister.



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